The initial contract to supply Innocon's MicroFalcon unmanned air system (UAS) to an undisclosed Asian customer could be followed by orders for additional systems that will be manufactured and assembled in a local facility.

Earlier this year the Israeli company won a contract to supply 50 MicroFalcon systems.

Innocon chief executive Michael Armon said on 11 October that the client plans to use the aircraft for forest fire detection, control of drug trafficking and power line-monitoring tasks.

"The first 100 UASs will be manufactured here and additional ones in a local facility to be built in the client country," he said.

The MicroFalcon system is designed to be activated by one operator, including under extreme weather conditions. Weighing just 6kg (13.2lb), the UAS can operate at an altitude of 15,000ft (4,570m) and remain airborne for 2h by day or night.

With a rugged design using box-type wings, the MicroFalcon can land upside down using a parachute, increasing its survivability and also cutting down on redeployment time by not requiring use of a prepared landing strip.

Source: Flight International