InstantEye has launched a new long-endurance variant of the Mk-3 GEN4D quadcopter that can fly for more than 50min.

Called the Mk-3 GEN4-D1, the new surveillance drone uses a proprietary battery to increase its flight time by 20min, says InstantEye. The small unmanned air vehicle (UAV) is designed to be carried by a soldier in a backpack and then rapidly launched to gather intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance information for tactical-level situations.

InstantEye Mk3

InstantEye Mk3


The UAV has demonstrated an operational range of 2.4nm (4.5km) and stable flight through wind conditions exceeding 17kt (32km/h), says InstantEye. It has also shown the ability to watch a site for more than 30min using electro-optical and infrared cameras from a standoff distance of 500m. The UAV can also fly to an altitude exceeding 6,000ft above ground level.

"This capability allows the user to continuously observe named areas of interest, prosecute fire missions, and actionably influence wide (>100 km2) areas of the battlespace, day or night, from a rucksack, without relying on low density, high demand, and high cost assets" says Mike Mackiewicz, InstantEye's director of defence technology operations.

A heavy-lift variant of the Mk-3 GEN4-D1 system also demonstrated delivery of a 1.36kg (3lb) explosive charge to destroy a simulated improvised explosive device at about a distance of 100m, the company says.