In response to a governmental embargo on sales of unmanned air vehicles to Ukraine, Israeli manufacturers are trying to rekindle the market as they identify a need for their systems in the region.

The embargo was enforced to satisfy Russian demands but as a result, US manufacturers have succeeded in the market and Israeli companies want the restrictions reversed.

Shortly after the armed conflict between Russia and the Ukraine started, Ukraine expressed an urgent need for UAVs, specifically certain Israeli ones, but sales could not be made.

Negotiations have now begun with Israeli manufacturers and it is understood at least one has reached an advanced stage under the approval of the Israeli ministry of defence.

Last year the US government claimed it was going to authorise a contract for the delivery of the AeroVironment RQ-11B Raven UAV to Ukraine, which was followed by a Foreign Military Sales contract worth $9 million.

US Army Raven UAV - Rex

A US Army Raven UAV


Sources said on 29 March that Ukraine has approached Israel to indicate its operational needs for some types of UAVs, but none of the manufacturers would elaborate.

They noted the removal of the embargo is an issue that "will have to be solved soon".