Israeli company Steadicopter is developing a kit that will enable it to convert a single-pilot light helicopter to be flown autonomously. Dubbed Black Eagle 300, the platform will be offered for military and civil applications.

Meanwhile, Steadicopter's current unmanned rotorcraft, the Black Eagle 50, has received certification from Israel's civil aviation authority to fly within the nation's civil airspace. The company intends to operate the system for utility companies, while potential military applications are also being evaluated.

Black Eagle 50 - Steadicopter


The Black Eagle 50 has a 2m (7ft) rotor diameter, 2.3m fuselage length and a maximum take-off weight of 35kg (77lb), including a 3kg payload. The manufacturer says its design can achieve a maximum speed of 68kt (126km/h), reach an altitude of 9,000ft (2,730m), and has a 3h flight endurance.