Classic Aero Support (CAS) is setting itself up as an alternative source of parts for out-of-production Luscombe piston singles following the acquisition of the bankrupt Luscombe Foundation by Renaissance Aircraft, which hopes to restart production of the Luscombe 8F all-metal two-seater.

Forced into bankruptcy by a long-running legal battle with Renaissance over the Luscombe 8F type certificate, the foundation had provided parts and support for the thousands of Luscombes still being flown. Now CAS has teamed with the Luscombe Endowment to assemble an inventory of new and used parts. The endowment is a not-for-profit organisation set up to preserve Luscombe artefacts.

CAS has appealed to owners to donate or consign materials to its inventory, including parts removed from aircraft. It is also offering to support other vintage aircraft, because many of the parts are common, says Donna Losey, co-founder of CAS.


Source: Flight International