The Minister of Housing and Local Government, Mr Harold MacMillan, has allowed the appeal by the de Havilland Aircraft Company against a decision by the Hampshire Planning Authority which limited the use of their Airspeed Division's Christchurch airfield to piston-engined aircraft only. At a public enquiry evidence was given by the company that the ban on jets would have a serious effect on their work at Christchurch. In allowing the appeal the Minister said that although the airfield was in a residential area its work was essential and the ban would interfere with it. Jet aircraft were no more dangerous than other types.

Trans-Australian Viscounts

Confirmation is now to hand of the report quoted in Flight last week that the state-owned Trans-Australia Airlines have placed an order for Vickers Viscounts. The number is however six and not five, as previously announced, and the value of the order is approximately £1.5 million. It is intended that deliveries will start in 1954. Thus, to Australia falls the distinction of being the first country outside Europe to equip with turboprop aircraft. Vickers-Armstrong, Ltd., point out that the distance between the principal Australian cities are such as to make possible valuable economies in operating costs as well as improving passenger comfort and speeding up schedules.

Czech Jet Production

The Czech Minister of Defence, M. Cepicka, has disclosed that Czechoslovakia is building jet aircraft. He said, "Jet planes can only be produced by countries with highly developed industries. Czechoslovakia is capable of such production and, with the aid of Russia, is turning out the best planes in the world."

Source: Flight International