Spanish budget carrier Clickair has introduced a new Internet booking feature, giving passengers the option of paying a small fee to lock their selected fare for a 24- or 72-hour period.

Clickair is charging €2 ($2.70) for a 24-hour hold and €5 to guarantee the fare for 72 hours. If the time lapses and the fare has not been confirmed, it is re-released for sale.

Speaking during the French Connect networking conference in Shannon, Clickair chief Alex Cruz said the carrier had "turned on" the feature last week.

The 'lock your fare' service gives passengers an opportunity to hold fares while researching accommodation or other elements of their trip, resulting in only a small loss if they decide not to proceed.

Cruz adds: "It takes about 30 minutes to see [Internet initiatives like this] working. During the first two days we generated low five-digit numbers just from the fees, and we had a 60% conversion rate. It's another revenue stream."

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news