CMC Electronics has won a brace of contracts from Sikorsky for the UH-60L Black Hawk helicopter.

The first C$6 million ($3.9 million) contract covers the upgrade of software language in the control display units of the UH-60L medevac variant of the aircraft in service with the US Army. CMC has also won a follow-on contract valued at C$650,000 ($422,500) to develop a power PC enhancement for the flight management systems on board the same Black Hawk model.

CMC president and chief executive Jim Close says: "By upgrading the main processor from the 486 family to the power PC, the control display unit is well positioned to satisfy the needs of the Black Hawk for years to come."

The company's relationship with Sikorsky dates back 40 years to the S-61 Sea King, with subsequent development work leading to an expansion of the co-operation into the Black Hawk line.

Source: Flight Daily News