A spokeswoman for Aerocivil, Colombia's Civil Aviation Authority, has confirmed to Flight's affiliate ATI the aircraft involved in a crash near Bogota on 7 July was a Boeing 747-200 operated by US-based Kalitta Air.

The aircraft, registered as N-714CK, was transporting flowers on behalf of Centurion Air Cargo from Bogota to Miami. The pilot in command of the aircraft at the moment of the accident has been identified as Captain Brian Beebe, a US national.

The cause of the accident remains unclear, but Aerocivil confirms that Beebe reported to ATC an engine fire immediately after take-off. 

Shortly after that communication the aircraft was lost on the radar screen.

The spokeswoman for Colombian aviation authorities also confirms three ground fatalities on the crash site in the Madrid municipality, about 20km west of Bogota – a male adult and two children whose house was destroyed by the aircraft. A female adult was found in the house with severe injuries.

Kalitta expects to issue its statement regarding the accident later today, noting it was still compiling the details from the crash.

Flight’s ACAS database shows the build date of the accident aircraft as April 17, 1981, with the accumulation of 74,101 hours and 18,740 cycles.

The US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has sent a team of investigators to assist the Colombian government in its investigation. The board says reports indicate that the eight persons onboard survived the crash.

Representatives from the FAA, Boeing and the engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney are also being dispatched to aid in the investigation. The 747-200 was powered by JT9D-7Q engines.

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