Pilots can now sit back after a day's training and watch their exact performance on a computer screen, thanks to a GPS-based air combat training programme.

An example of the new Air Combat Training-Rangeless (ACT-R) programme can be seen at the Cubic Defense Systems stand in Hall 1/E22.

Rich Siner, the US-based company's business development senior manager, says: "The difference between our ACT-R and Air Combat Manoeuvring Instrumentation (ACMI) is like the difference between cellular telephones and fixed line telephones. The old ACMI system requires a fixed training range with an elaborate ground-based infrastructure, including expensive communication towers.

"With ACT-R, the system that was on the ground is now packed into a pod, carried on the wing of a fighter aircraft.

"Once the pilots are back on the ground, the information from the pods is downloaded into a computer for playback in an after-action review."

Source: Flight Daily News