Brent Hannon/TAIPEI

EVA Airways has agreed an alliance with Continental Airlines of the USA. The deal struck between the two carriers, which is expected to be announced on 26 August, will cover a range of activities which includes a frequent-flyer tie-up (Flight International, 6-12 August).

The deal will give EVA access to Continental's extensive US domestic network, while Continental will be able to use EVA's connections through Asia.

According to an EVA executive, Continental has been looking for an Asian partner for some time. "Their route network is a good match for EVA," he says. No equity will change hands.

Continental's main activities in Asia centre on Continental Micronesia, a company in which it has a 91% holding. It operates out of Guam and Saipan to around 20 points in Asia including Hong Kong, Manila Tokyo and Taipei.

EVA serves the USA through routes which include Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Seattle as destinations.

EVA will now turn its attention toward Europe, where it is also seeking an alliance partner.

Source: Flight International