Spar Aerospace president Patrice Pelletier believes the trend to contract out defence projects will reach Canada, but not in time to affect the forthcoming Fixed Wing Search and Rescue (FW SAR) programme.
Pelletier’s Edmonton, Alberta-based company is linking with Global Military Aircraft Systems (GMAS) to offer the C-27J Spartan for the contest, which aims to find a replacement for Canada’s fleet of De Havilland CC-115 Buffalo. The CC-115s, together with some of the nation’s CC-130 Hercules fleet, have been tasked for many years with search missions across the vast northern wastes.
With more money now being pumped into the defence budget after a long period of stagnation, Pelletier believes that the method of procurement, rather than money, will be the main issue facing the Canadian Department of National Defence.

Source: Flight Daily News