The BAE Systems-led Euro-DASS consortium has received a £300 million ($414 million) production contract for the Eurofighter Defensive Aids Subsystem (DASS).

EuroDASS will provide 103 DASS suites for Italian, Spanish and UK Eurofighters, deliveries starting in the first quarter 2002.

At present there is no German partner in EuroDASS as the country opted for a less expensive system in the mid-1990s. Following recent German parliamentary approval, EADS is expected to join the programme and the order expanded to include German air force Eurofighters. Germany's investment for rejoining DASS will be used to develop the system.

The internally-installed DASS provides 360° threat warning coverage and includes missile warners, countermeasures dispensers, electronic support measures and a towed decoy. UK aircraft will also be fitted with laser warning systems, which are outside DASS.

Source: Flight International