Barco has received a contract from Sagem for CHDD-5.4/1head-down displays (HDDs) for use in unspecified cockpit upgrades. The Belgian company has also received deals from L-3 Communications to supply 54 MFD 6.8/1-RC multifunction displays for retrofit to US Air Force Boeing RC-135 Rivet Joint reconnaissance aircraft; from Eurocopter for 44 control display and management systems and 22 ACP-G control panels for Tigers ordered by Australia; and General Dynamics UK for 23 CHDD-6.8/1 HDDs to display digital maps for UK Royal Air Force AgustaWestland Merlin HC3helicopters. Barco says the deals are worth around €5 million ($5.65 million). EDO has been selected by Sikorsky to develop interactive multimedia training courseware for the Boeing Sikorsky RAH-66 Comanche in a deal worth $7 million. Frazer-Nash Consultancy has been selected by the UK Ministry of Defence as the safety adviser and independent safety auditor for the Military Flying Training System programme. The UK company's contract to provide the same service to Headquarters RAF Strike Command has been extended to 2005. Goodrich is to produce rescue hoists for the V-22 tiltrotor under a $12 million Boeing contract. Raytheon is to produce two additional AQS-20 helicopter-towed mine hunting sonar systems under a $12.9 million US Navy contract. L-3 KDI is to produce an improved, all-electronic fuze for the US Air Force's tactical munition dispenser under a contract potentially worth $15 million by 2012. Simula has been named prime contractor for the clothing and individual equipment portion of the Air Warrior Ensemble to be worn by US Army helicopter pilots, responsible for integration of flexible body armour, survival gear and overwater-equipment carriers and flotation collar, under a contract potentially worth $25 million by 2013. Saft America is to develop high-power lithium ion battery technology for high-rate directed energy weapons under a $20 million US Air Force Research Laboratory contract.

Source: Flight International