Halifax, Nova Scotia-based IMP Aerospace has begun work on the first two Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King helicopters under a multi-year contract to overhaul, repair and support the US Navy's 60-strong fleet, 20 Egyptian aircraft and 40 Sea Kings operated by other air arms. BAE Systems has received a US Navy contract for a common identification friend or foe (IFF) digital transponder (CXP), based on the APX-111(V) combined interrogator/transponder used in Boeing F/A-18s. The contract covers production qualification, with options for over 1,900 CXPs for delivery by 2004 to replace IFF transponders on US Navy and army aircraft. The Swedish Defence Materiel Administration has ordered 15 Leica MX412B differential global positioning system receivers for installation in Boeing/Kawasaki KV-107 helicopters. Smiths Industries Aerospace has been awarded a contract by Boeing to design and qualify an improved constant frequency generator for the Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey tiltrotor. Lockheed Martin is to build a C-130J national training centre for the Italian air force at Pisa AB. BAE Systems Flight Systems and Training will provide an operational flight trainer, cockpit avionics part task trainer and computer-based training courseware. Litton subsidiary PRC has been awarded a $60 million contract as part of a $390 million blanket purchase agreement for support of US Air Force space-based systems. The US Navy has awarded Sikorsky a $60 million initial low-rate production contract to remanufacture the first lot of five SH-60R Seahawk helicopters. The machines will be fitted with new avionics and sensors by Lockheed Martin Federal Systems. The five helicopters are set for delivery by the end of 2002. Lockheed Martin has received a fourth contract for Mitsubishi F-2 components. Valued at$100 million, the contract includes aft fuselages, leading-edge flaps and stores management systems for eight F-2s.

Source: Flight International