• Lockheed Martin has been awarded a $635 million contract to supply modification kits to bring 216 Block 30/40/50 F-16s to a common configuration for the Turkish air force by February 2016.
  • L-3 Communications Integrated Systems has received a one-year contract worth almost $110 million to continue the US Navy's sustainment, modification and installation programme for the Lockheed P-3C Orion maritime patrol aircraft.
  • Boeing has received contracts worth a combined $253 million to provide airframe logistics and engine support services for the US Air Force's C-17 strategic transports for the second quarter of fiscal year 2007.
  • Raytheon has received a $5.9 million contract to modify an order for 310 AIM-9M Sidewinder air-to-air missiles for the Pakistan air force to the enhanced AIM-9M-8/9 standard. The weapons will be delivered by October 2007.
  • Aselsan will provide mission, navigation and communication systems for the Turkish navy's 17 new S-70B Seahawk helicopters under a $45.6 million subcontract from Sikorsky. The Turkish company will also supply thermal imaging and targeting systems under the deal.
  • The US Air Force has awarded Boeing a $5.7 million contract to provide avionics system support and repair services for its AC-130U gunships until December 2007.
  • Helmet Integrated Systems of the UK has delivered 45 Alpha 800 helmet systems to the Spanish air force to support search-and-rescue operations using Eurocopter AS332 Super Puma helicopters.
  • Boeing has received a $9.2 million contract to produce a new weapon system trainer to support US Air Force operations of the Northrop T-38C Talon at Vance AFB, Oklahoma. It will also remove and upgrade three training devices for the aircraft from Moody AFB, Georgia by March 2009.
  • The US Air Force has awarded Raytheon Aircraft $132 million to supply six King Air 350s by April 2008, including five extended-range intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance platforms.

Source: Flight International