Lockheed Martin Sanders, electronic warfare prime contractor for its parent company's Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) proposal, has selected Litton Amecom to lead development of the electronic support measures (ESM)system, if Lockheed Martin wins the JSF contest. Israel's Rafael will supply its vertically launched Barak-1 point defence missile to Signaal of the Netherlands which has sold its Flycatcher Mk2 low level air defence system to Venezuela. The system includes anti-aircraft guns and Signaal's Lirod Mk2 K-band radar and Mirador optronics. This is the first application of the usually ship-based Barak-1 to a land-based system. Rockwell Collins has received a US Army contract for 506 ARC-220 HF radios to provide nap-of-the-earth, beyond-line-of-sight communications capability on CH-47 and UH-60 helicopters. Deliveries begin in June. Boeing has selected Alliant Techsystems to produce selective availability anti-spoofing module global positioning system receivers for use in the combat survivor/evader locator (CSEL) military radio used by pilots. The module gives access to the Pentagon's GPS precise positioning service signal, which is more accurate than that available to civilians. Alenia Marconi Systems is to supply six air traffic control simulators to the RAF. The Pentagon is to sell Greece $200 million worth of support equipment for the Raytheon Patriot anti-missile defence system. The hardware includes spares, seeker hardware and engineering support. Racal Defence Electronics has received a £5 million contract to update ESM equipment on the RAF's Boeing E-3 Sentrys. Raytheon has been awarded a $38 million contract to supply the US Navy with 35 AN/AAS-44 infrared laser detecting-ranging-tracking sets, which give the Sikorsky SH-60B helicopter a laser designation capability to use with Boeing Hellfire missiles. Deliveries will begin next April. Stellex Bandy Machining has won a $6.6 million, 60 shipset order from Boeing for C-17 aerial delivery system rails. Deliveries start in June.

Source: Flight International