Denel has been awarded a R800 million ($86million) for the local warning segment of the South African army's ground- based air-defence system. Denel will be prime contractor with local companies ADS (part of Thales), Grintek Communications, Reunert Radar Systems, Cybersin and Logtek Engineering Solutions on the team as well as BAE Systems, Alenia Marconi Systems and Thales. Raytheon is to produce 163 Evolved Seasparrow naval surface-to-air missiles for Australia, Denmark, the Netherlands and the USA under a $118.8 million US Navy contract. Kongsberg has received two Norwegian defence ministry orders together worth NKr250 million ($34.1 million) to upgrade the NASAMS air defence missile system. Kongsberg will work with Raytheon, which provides the AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles and which has received a separate contract to upgrade the system's radar. Raytheon will act as integrator for the USAir Force Laboratory's Targets Under Trees Family of Systems programme under a $7.6 million contract. The effort aims to demonstrate a capability to find, identify and engage hidden targets. Boeing, with Raytheon as principal subcontractor, has received $30 million to continue development of a prototype X-band radar to ensure it is ready for integration with the US ballistic missile defence system testbed in the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2005. Lockheed Martin has selected Ball Aerospace & Technology to provide the communication, navigation and identification antenna suite for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. The suite includes one S-band, two UHF, three L-band and two radar-altimeter antennas. Flight Refuelling has signed an agreement with the US government to set up an infrared flare and pyrotechnic manufacturing capability in Milan, Tennessee. This will allow the company to bid for US Air Force, Army and Navy contracts, a market worth around $180 million a year.

Source: Flight International