Raytheon has received a $139 million contract to produce 315 AGM-145A JSOW stand-off weapons for the US Air Force, plus 231 for the US Navy. The navy will also receive 97 AGM-154Cs under the deal. Lockheed Martin is to supply 22 PANTERA targeting pods to Poland and seven to Oman by May 2005, under an $81.1 million contract. The systems will equip the countries' respective F-16 fleets. Sikorsky will build a further 10 UH-60L Black Hawk utility helicopters for the US Army by December 2007, under a $138 million contract. Lockheed Martin will update several weapon system trainers for the Royal Saudi Air Force's Boeing F-15S fighters, following its receipt of an award worth $9.1 million. Korea Aerospace Industries received a formal production contract for 25 T-50 Golden Eagle trainers on 19 December. Developed in conjunction with Lockheed Martin, the T-50 has more than 50% South Korean content, with wing production also to move to South Korea from the USA. The South Korean air force needs 94 Golden Eagles, including 44 A-50 lead-in fighter trainers. Deliveries will start in late 2005. Pratt & Whitney will produce 55 F100-229 engines for Poland's 48 Lockheed Martin F-16 fighters under a $194 million award. ITT Avionics will also supply the aircraft's ALQ-73(V) integrated defensive electronic-warfare systems under a $133 million contract. Taiwan will receive 44 Boeing AGM-84 Harpoon anti-ship missiles and Egypt 10, under a $69.5 million contract. The US Navy is also purchasing 77 AGM-84HSLAM-ER stand-off missiles in a deal worth $40.1 million.

Source: Flight International