Harris is to develop remote electronics including phased-array antennas for the Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter's intra-flight datalink under a $30.7 million contract from Northrop Grumman. Raytheon will produce Paveway III laser-guided bomb kits for Poland and the United Arab Emirates under a $9.9 million contract. North-rop Grumman has received an $18.2 million contract to supply an E-2T Hawkeye 2000 tactics trainer to Taiwan. Rockwell Collins NLX will build the simulator. The US Navy has selected L-3 Wescam's MX-15 multi-sensor electro-optic/infrared system to upgrade Lockheed Martin P-3C Orions. The service has a potential requirement for 60 units over five years. Honeywell is to provide several systems for Japan's C-X/P-X transport/maritime patrol aircraft programme, including auxiliary power unit, environmental and cabin-pressure control systems, ram air turbine, sonobuoy dispensers and various avionics. Thales has received a five-year contract from France's SIMMAD maintenance organisation to repair subassemblies and components for military fighter aircraft and helicopters. The deal excludes Dassault Aviation's Rafale. Goodrich is to supply seven DB-110 electro-optical reconnaissance pods and two ground stations to Poland under a $72.7 million contract. The pods will equip Poland's Lockheed Martin F-16 fighters. Syracuse Research will provide a UHF foliage-penetrating, moving target indicator/synthetic aperture radar for the Boeing A160 Humming-bird UAV under a $10.3 million US Army contract. Boeing is to integrate Rockwell Collins' common avionics architecture system cockpit into the upgraded CH-47F transport helicopter under a $25 million US Army contract. Lockheed Martin has received a $15 million contract to equip US Air National Guard F-16 Block 30 fighters with its Sniper XR targeting pod. Raytheon has received a $56 million contract to produce over 2,500 ALE-50 towed decoys for the USAir Force. The Navy will receive 311 in a $7.7 million deal.

Source: Flight International