* Raytheon is to produce 189 JSOW-C cruise missiles for the US Navy under a $55.7 million contract. Early examples of the BAESystems Broach warhead-armed weapon will enter service early this year.

* Lockheed Martin will manufacture 600 AGM-114K/M Hellfire missiles for Israel, Taiwan and the US Army. Taiwan's order for 400 AGM-114Ms will total $50 million.

* Rolls-Royce Engine Services of Oakland, California will overhaul 16 T56-A-14 engines for the South Korean navy's Lockheed Martin P-3 Orion maritime patrols. It will also convert 20 T56-A-10Ws to the T56-A-14 standard by late 2007 under the $38.6 million deal.

* AAI will receive $72 million to produce a further eight Shadow unmanned air vehicle systems for the US Army.

* Bell Helicopter has received a $35 million contract to develop a new mission computer for the US Marine Corps' AH-1Z attack and UH-1Yutility helicopters by September 2010.

Source: Flight International