Aviation consultancy Convergent Performance is collecting signatures at NBAA 2011 to support the National Transportation Safety Board's campaign to encourage professional attitudes among everyone in the aviation industry. Heading the NTSB's top "most wanted safety performance" list is the aim to "Promote pilot and air traffic controller professionalism."

Convergent CEO Tony Kern said: "During the NBAA conference, our ground team will be gathering support for this initiative in the form of signatures from all interested professionals. Our goal is to collect 1,000 signatures over the three-day NBAA convention, and up to 10,000 over the length of our initiative. We have developed resources and training programs to educate, motivate and empower individuals and organizations to strive for 'Level III professionalism.' The NTSB explains the reason for its campaign: "There have been a disturbing number of individual incidents of noncompliant behavior, intentional misconduct, or lack of commitment to essential tasks. These occurrences demonstrate an erosion of pilot and air traffic controller professionalism." Kern said that an awareness of this need, not only among pilots and controllers but all aviation employees, is the objective.

Source: Flight Daily News