KLM is experimenting with a 'pilot' project involving the sale of a whole range of odd branded products. Not only can you get the usual 'pilot's watch' and suitcase, but you can buy KLM DVD players, CD players, walkmans and cameras. Further down the list gets better. How about a KLM espresso coffee machine for that early morning departure, or KLM DIY tools to improve your house? The list includes cosmetics, dressing gowns, fitness equipment and even tents and rucksacks.

Uncle Roger's marketing thinktank has come up with a few more options:

Schiphol Survival Kit. A handy all-in-one container with tent, airport map, rations and spare clogs for that next airport delay. A Southwest "mini-gym" to help you lose those unwanted pounds - and to ensure you only need one seat the next time you fly. Financial Planning - a Beginner's Guide. Book from United. Service with a smile - on CD and DVD. Customer care and service guide from a Chinese domestic carrier.

Source: Flight International