Crane Aerospace & Electronics is also demonstrating its onboard tyre and brake monitoring system (TBMS), which it is supplying for the Boeing 777. It delivered the first production unit of the TBMS in April, and Boeing began deliveries of aircraft with the new system in May.
TBMS monitors the tyre pressure and brake temperature of each wheel and displays this data to the flight deck. It utilises the company’s SmartStem wireless technology which operates by replacing the existing tyre inflation valve stem with a wireless valve stem that senses and communicates tyre pressure and temperature to a control unit onboard the aircraft or to a hand-held reader.

The SmartStem technology is designed to provide an easy, accurate method of maintaining correct aircraft tyre pressure – important to booth safety and economics. One of the most common causes of tyre failure is due to incorrect inflation of tyres. Both the on-board and handheld versions make the daily tyre pressure check quick, easy, accurate and is automatically documented. The whole task takes about one second.

Source: Flight Daily News