A law firm representing the family of two victims of the 25 May crash of a China Airlines (CAL) Boeing 747-200 has filed a lawsuit against Boeing alleging that it failed to advise CAL to correct a potentially faulty repair to the aircraft. All 225 passengers and crew members  were killed when the 23-year-old 747 broke up at 35,000ft (10,700m) over the Taiwan Strait. Taiwanese investigators have revealed the aircraft underwent repairs in 1980 after a tail-scrape incident, and a large stainless steel reinforcing plate was installed. Possible fatigue cracks have been found in the rear fuselage wreckage near the repair site. Chicago-based Nolan Law Group claims Boeing changed its recommended repair procedures after the aircraft was put back into service in 1980, but did not urge the airline to carry out modifications.

Source: Flight International