Both flight recorders from the crashed Boeing 747-400F in Bishkek suffered substantial damage, but investigators have started to retrieve data about the accident.

Russia’s Interstate Aviation Committee says the recorders from the MyCargo Airlines aircraft sustained “considerable” mechanical damage and showed signs of exposure to high temperatures.

It says that recovering their stored information was “not possible” by the usual methods, and that specialists have had to repair interfaces with the recorders.

Memory modules have been removed from their protective casing and the inquiry team has been able to restore the link with the flight-data recorder and read its information.

The Interstate Aviation Committee says the flight-data recorder contains details of the 16 January accident.

It is still working, however, to restore connections to the cockpit-voice recorder.

Specialists from the US National Transportation Safety Board as well as representatives from Turkey and Kyrgyzstan are supporting the Russian committee’s work.

None of the four crew members survived the crash, which also resulted in more than 30 fatalities on the ground. The aircraft was landing in Bishkek for a routine technical stop, as part of its service from Hong Kong to Istanbul.

Source: Cirium Dashboard