Both pilots of an Antonov An-24RV are among 12 injured after the aircraft overran the runway on landing at Blagoveshchensk in Russia.

The aircraft had been operating a service from Irkutsk and Chita and had been scheduled to continue to Khabarovsk.

Livery details on the aircraft suggest its operator is IrAero of Irkutsk, which operates not only Soviet-era transports but also Bombardier CRJ200s.

Images from the crash scene indicate the airframe involved is registered RA-46561.

Thirty-six occupants were on board the twin-engined An-24, which suffered wing, undercarriage and engine damage in the accident.

Russia's emergency situations ministry for the Amur territory said it was notified of the overrun at 14:20.

The 12 injured include the captain, co-pilot and flight engineer, the ministry said.

It added that preliminary data suggested poor visibility, heavy rain and "strong gusting winds" resulted in the aircraft deviating from its flightpath.

Meteorological data for Blagoveshchensk at the time points to thunderstorms and rain in the vicinity.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news