Air Canada Cuts trans-border flights by 20%. Estimates three-day disruption cost around C$100 million.

American Airlines Cuts schedule 20% and lays off 20,000 (14% of workforce).

America West Airlines 2,000 jobs go (14% of workforce) and capacity reduced by 20%.

Continental Airlines First to announce layouts. Will reduce schedule by 20% resulting in 12,000 job cuts (21% of workforce).

Delta Air Lines Reduces scheduled services by 20% and is poised for major job cuts. Cuts nine transatlantic routes from New York Kennedy Airport.

Midway Airlines Already under Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, Midway is the first airline casualty and has closed down.

Northwest Airlines Immediately cutting staff levels by about 10,000, cuts scheduled service by 20%.

Southwest Airlines Likely to defer 11 Boeing 737-800s due for delivery in 2001. No cuts in schedule.

United Airlines Matches American with 20% schedule and staffing cuts, 20,000 lay-offs.

US Airways Deep cuts of 11,000 jobs (24% of workforce) and 23% of capacity. Low-fare MetroJet operation to close and 100 jets to go by April.

Low-cost and regionals Low-cost Southwest Airlines and start-up PanAm have been alone in not cutting capacity among the 24 US major and national airlines. Several carriers have ceased service to cities. Spirit Airlines has dropped New York Newark and Melbourne, Florida, while Vanguard has pulled out of Myrtle Beach, North Carolina. Frontier has reduced frequencies on nine of 22 spokes from its Denver hub, but still added two new spokes on 1 October. The regional airline operations have been cut in parallel with the reductions being made to mainline operations.

Source: Airline Business