Crossair's largest pilots' union is withdrawing a move to terminate its existing collective labour agreement ahead of the negotiations over a new deal, which are due to restart on 25 February.

Late last year members of the Crossair Cockpit Pilots Association (CCP) had voted to terminate the existing deal - due to expire at the end of June - with immediate effect.

A Swiss court of arbitration has since been reviewing the legality of such an action.


A spokesman for the CCP says that its members only voted for immediate termination of the collective labour agreement because of the refusal of Crossair's management to negotiate with the union. Following the airline's decision to recommence negotiations with the CCP, the action is now being withdrawn.

This ensures the existing collective agreement will run to 30 June and effectively makes the threat of industrial action in the short-term unlikely.

The CCP had been given the authority by its members to call for strike action if a new deal was not forthcoming - in a dispute primarily over pay and working conditions.

In a statement the airline says it is "pleased" over the CCP move.

Source: Flight Daily News