Crossair is beginning a push into the third-party engine component repair business via its Crossarc subsidiary.

The Swiss regional airline entered the arena recently when it bought Sulzer Jet Engines, a firm with experience in military and civil engine repair dating back to 1948. For Sulzer now read Crossarc.

Crossair decided to move into engine parts repair because it wanted more control over its costs in this area, and because it was unhappy with the time it could take for parts to be repaired by the original equipment manufacturer, according to Crossarc sales manager Andre Krebser. "Sometimes more parts were on the plane than in the plane," he says.Most of Crossarc's business currently comes from its parent, but the intention is to move gradually into third-party work. Some is already being done for Lufthansa CityLine, Jet Aviation, SR Technics and Transairco, while some comes via repairs on components sent from Crossair's own engine maintenance shop when it is doing third-party work.

Source: Flight Daily News