Piper Super Cub rebuild specialist CubCrafters has begun flight testing its Sport Cub entrant in the US light-sport aircraft (LSA) market. The aircraft, which will be built alongside the company’s Part 23-certificated Top Cub, is making its debut at the AirVenture show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

The Sport Cub is a lighter, lower-power version of the Top Cub, which was certificated in December last year, says Todd Simmons, director, sales and marketing. The Yakima, Washington-based company is building one Top Cub a week and combined orders for the two aircraft are approaching 50, he says. A fleet order for Sport Cubs from CubAir Flight Academy to provide sport-pilot training is to be announced at Oshkosh.

CubCrafters describes its Top Cub as an updated version of the Super Cub, rather than a reproduction, retaining the flying characteristics while improving access, comfort, safety and materials. While externally almost identical, the Sport Cub has a 100hp (75kW) Continental O-200 and 600kg (1,320lb) gross weight to meet LSA limits, while the Top Cub has a 180hp Lycoming O-360 and 1,045kg gross weight.

The Sport Cub is priced at $89,500 “ready to fly”, says Simmons.


Source: Flight International