Gulfstream is to add cursor control devices (CCD) to the cockpit of its new G150 mid-size business jet, now under development with Israel Aircraft Industries. The sidewall-mounted pilot and copilot CCDs will be similar to devices now standard in the company’s large-cabin business jets.

The sidearm CCD was developed originally for the ultra-long-range G550, which features Gulfstream’s PlaneView integrated flightdeck based on Honeywell Primus Epic avionics. In the G150, the devices will work with Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 integrated avionics.

CCDs will allow the crew to operate their primary flight and multifunction displays using cursors and on-screen menus. The devices will allow the crew to control avionics, call up traffic and weather overlays and select and change waypoints, as well as manipulate optional electronic approach charts, checklists and three-dimensional flight management system displays.

Meanwhile, Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) has accelerated G150 flight testing in an effort to achieve certification before the US National Business Aviation Association annual convention and exhibition, scheduled for November.

Gadi Cohen, IAI civil aircraft division general manager, says the G150 has so far accumulated over 200 flight hours during more than 60 test flights. A second prototype is due to fly this month. The first prototype of the G150 is performing two to four flight tests a week. The aircraft will be certificated by the Israeli civil aviation authority in conjunction with the US Federal Aviation Administration.



Source: Flight International