The European consortium ATR (Avions de Transport Regional) unveiled a new commercial policy covering customer services at Paris yesterday.

To provide ATR aircraft operators with "the most adapted and efficient support", ATR is offering a new commercial policy on spare parts and has launched a customer loyalty programme called I-Care.


"Spares availability is paramount to the airlines for on-time and reliable performance," says Roberto Bellino, senior vice-president, customer services.

"By reviewing our purchas-ing conditions and reducing internal costs, we are now in a position to reduce the 2003 catalogue prices on rotables and breakdown parts by an average 8%.


"Furthermore, we have significantly expanded our stock range on serviceable units. With an increased offer and off-the-shelf availability, ATR is now very well positioned on the rotable market, mainly driven by second-hand units."

I-Care is available to all ATR operators using ATR services in terms of training, maintenance and spare parts.

Source: Flight Daily News