At the cutting edge of technology, the French company Lectra is promoting a system designed for shoe leather to cut fabric for airline seats.

The Lumiäre 2 is one of two new systems on display in Hall 5A, G28, that the company says can benefit customers by saving material while increasing production. It uses a laser camera that takes a picture of a seat then imports it into a computer in 3D. A seat pattern is projected onto the cutting table and a high speed vibrating blade slices pieces of the fabric following the pattern. The whole process takes less than three days, saving time and optimising use of fabric.

Where Lumiäre 2 cuts fabric, Vector 3 is geared towards the composite market. Its new rotating blade enables customers to save costly material such as fibreglass, carbon and Kevlar. In addition, the upgraded software increases production speed by 20%. The third generation Vector is designed for cutting wings, helicopter blades and missiles.

Lectra has been producing cutters for 30 years, mainly for the fashion industry.

Source: Flight Daily News