Czech Airlines has cleared the way to establishing its technical division as a separate subsidiary, although it has not indicated whether it might be preparing for a possible divestment.

The SkyTeam carrier has been undergoing extensive restructuring and has been open to selling certain activities which it considers non-core, while holding on to others.

Approving the steps which will allow the "hiving off" of the technical division as a separate subsidiary was among the agenda items at Czech Airlines' general shareholders' meeting yesterday, says the carrier.

"That is entirely in line with the previously-announced plan of the company," it adds.

Czech Airlines is moving towards a holding-company structure, having already set up its handling operation as a subsidiary.

At the beginning of this month it also transferred its charter business to its subsidiary Holidays Czech Airlines. The company says the subsidiary will initially be a sales agent but that it also intends to apply for the licences and operating certificates to act as a separate carrier.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news