Dassault Aviation will deliver "more than 100" business jets over the next two years, says civil-aircraft director Jean-Francoise Georges. While refusing to comment on actual sales "-they are split about evenly between the aircraft we offer", he says that the market "-remains surprisingly strong. In fact, it is getting better still".

Georges says that there are "no plans" to enter the fractional-jet market which has been so successful for its US competitors. "We are attentive, but at the moment we feel there is a limited market for business aircraft of more than the 3,000nm [5,500km] range served by Dassault," he says.

"Is business-jet sharing something that gives to the business or takes from it? We are not sure. For the moment, if I can sell aircraft at a reasonable profit, I'm happy."

For the first time in a decade, Dassault is presenting four business aircraft at the show - the top-of-the-range Falcon 900B and 900EX, Falcon 50EX and Falcon 2000. Georges says that demand for the aircraft is such that production rates are being increased, although he declines to reveal by how much. He says, however, that times between order and delivery are being reduced to 12 months "-and nine if possible. We need to be very responsive to the market-but we also be careful to avoid white tails [unsold aircraft]".

Source: Flight International