Dassault Aircraft has said it is considering a new entry into the business jet market with a super mid-size aircraft that would seek to undercut the cost of current competitors.

Charles Edelstenne, chairman and chief executive, says that the company is investigating the feasibility of designing an aircraft with a range of 3,200nm (5,900km). “The super mid-size is something that we are looking at as an interesting option,” says Edelstenne. “It could be of benefit as it would provide customers with an economic entry into the Dassault range.”

Edelstenne adds that the deciding factor for the project reaching fruition will be the French firm’s ability to produce the aircraft at a sufficiently cost-conscious price. “We are renowned for providing business jets that are the most fuel efficient in the marketplace and therefore cheaper to fuel. However, we are not in a hurry and it’s not a new marketplace. We can afford to take our time and explore our options. Technology isn’t a problem, but we must first look at how we can reduce our manufacturing costs sufficiently to make it profitable.”

The announcement was made at a time when the manufacturer is confident that the high cost of fuel will make its fuel-efficient jets an even more attractive proposition for commercial and private operators.

Source: Flight Daily News