Dassault plans to deliver 20 additional large-cabin business jets to its largest Latin American customer -- Brazil -- by 2013, increasing its 70% market share in the sector, says John Rosanvallon, chief executive of Dassault Falcon. There are now 15 Dassault aircraft in Brazil.

To better serve the expanding customer base, the company is considering opening a factory service centre in Brazil, says Rosanvallon, adding that a decision will be made within three months whether to do so.

Engine support has been upgraded with Pratt & Whitney Canada, engine provider for various versions of the Falcon 2000, allotting a spare or "bank" PW308C engine in Brazil, says Rosanvallon.

Dassault plans to certificate its Falcon 7X in Brazil later this year, says Rosanvallon, adding that there are a "significant number" of customers for the fly-by-wire trijet in the country.

The company, which focuses now on the large-jet segment, priced at $20 million or more, reports more than 165 orders for the 7X. Rosanvallon says production rate will be ramped up to 40 a year to keep up with demand.

Source: Flight International