Dassault Aviation is considering integrating the Matra BAe Dynamics Advanced Short Range Air-to-Air Missile (ASRAAM) for export variants of the Rafale combat aircraft.

Dassault says that the missile "is available as part of the weapons suite, depending on negotiations". The costs of integrating the missile "would probably have to be borne, at least in part, by the customer", since the ASRAAM has not yet been cleared for the aircraft.

The United Arab Emirates is, for instance, interested in the ASRAAM as a potential short range weapon as part of its next combat aircraft purchase.

Meanwhile, flight tests of the Matra BAe Dynamics Mica imaging infra-red short to medium range air to air missile are to begin aboard the Rafale in "mid-year", says the French combat aircraft builder. This will replace the Magic 2 short-range missile "as soon as qualification is complete".

Source: Flight International