The "DayPorts" of DayJet now number 10 with the addition of Macon, Georgia Montgomery, Alabama and Miami/Opa Locka to the growing service area of the US air taxi provider.

Members can now fly to 45 communities in the south-east USA when they begin or end their trip at any of the 10 DayPorts.

Since the official launch of DayJet's "per-seat, on-demand" jet service in Florida in early October, the operator has doubled its DayPort service network and added 50 destinations across five states in the south-east, while more than doubling its membership base.

"Businesses in smaller communities regularly miss economic development opportunities," says DayJet chief executive Ed Iacobucci. He says DayJet connects these communities to opportunities and is helping aviation chip into the 40 million business trips a year that are driven out of the south-east's 52 million total trips.