Karen Walker

Contrary to what you might have read in the newspapers, US-Middle East relations took a big step forward this week. For the businessman who has urgent work in both regions, Gulfstream has good news.

The Gulfstream V that is being displayed at the Dubai Air Show arrived here from Washington DC non-stop in just under 12h45min.

The flight, which set another record for the GV, highlights one of the aircraft's chief selling points - its ultra-long-range capabilities.

Onboard was Jack Sweeney, a member of the US National Aeronautic Association's contest and records board, to monitor and officially log the aircraft's 11,710km (6,330nm) journey time of 12h40min48sec.

"It was a very civilised way to travel," says another passenger, Gene Rainville, Gulfstream's executive vice-president, international.

"We left DC at about 4.30pm, enjoyed cocktails, dinner and a film.

"By that time we were into our natural sleep cycle, so we pulled down the blinds so we would not be woken by daylight as we crossed over Europe and got a good night's sleep.


"When we woke up, there was time for breakfast just before landing at Dubai."

The GV climbed almost immediately to 12,500m (41,000ft), where it stayed for most of the flight, although it climbed to 15,000m during the latter portion of the journey. The aircraft touched down in Dubai at around 1.00pm.

Source: Flight Daily News