Boeing has demonstrated the ability of the US Air Force’s B-52 bomber to carry 32 250kg (550lb) Small Diameter Bombs using its bomb bay rotary launcher, which is limited to carrying only nuclear weapons or conventional air-launched cruise missiles. The fit check is a step towards doubling the B-52’s conventional payload by allowing it to carry smart weapons internally.


Ocean Software is to supply the Royal Australian Air Force with new aircrew scheduling and currency management software as part of the service’s air command support system upgrade. The fixed and rotary-wing military flying infrastructure will be derived from Ocean’s FlightPro training management information system and comprise nodes at 14 military bases. Systems integration and testing will be supported by Evalua and the KoBold Group, with Boeing Australia to deliver logistics support and training.


Thales Canada is to supply the Canadian land forces with a mini-unmanned air vehicle system based on Elbit Systems of Israel’s Skylark. The hand-launched, electrically powered UAV will have a 90min endurance carrying a steerable video payload.

Source: Flight International