Delta Air Lines says it is distributing $180 million in profit-sharing payments to eligible employees as the result of its record performance in fiscal 1998.

The distribution is the largest payout since Delta introduced profit-sharing in fiscal 1995 and represents 6% of the base salaries earned by the employees in fiscal 1998.

The awards are the maximum allowed in a year under the profit-sharing deal.

Fiscal 1998 saw Delta report net income of $1 billion before restructuring and other non-recurring charges. A total of $152 million will be distributed to employees in Delta's hub cities, where 55,837 of its employees are based. Payments also go to staff in Atlanta ($84.3 million); Cincinnati ($14 million0; Dallas/Fort Worth ($14.6 million); New York JFK ($16.8 million); Los Angeles ($10.9million); and Salt Lake City ($11.5 million).

Source: Flight Daily News