Delta Connection Academy has introduced a Bombardier CRJ flight training device (FTD) to help ab initio students transfer from piston-engined trainers to regional jets. The Frasca International-built FTD is installed at the Academy's Sanford, Florida, campus.

Students who have received multi-engine flight training on Piper Seminole piston twins will use the FTD, which simulates the CRJ200's electronic flight instrument, engine information and crew alerting, autoflight and flight management systems, to transition to more complex regional jets. The device has a three-channel visual system. The former Comair Academy has installed an Aerosim CRJ200 desktop trainer for classroom instruction.

Over the last two years similar CRJ FTDs have been delivered to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and the University of North Dakota (UND), as well as the Airline Training Academy (ATA) and Pan Am International Flight Academy for transition training. UND's Level 6 device was produced by Aerosim-Mechtronix, while the ATA and Pam Am Level 5 FTDs were made by Faros's Wicat division.

Source: Flight International