With executive jet operators always looking to offer that little bit of extra luxury, and commercial operators seeking to make their first or business classes different from the opposition, Aerolux is enjoying the sweet taste of success.

Aerolux is the UK-based agent and representative of MAG, the world's largest supplier of waste disposal and sanitation products to the aviation industry.

The company sells a vast array of galley equipment including fridges, freezers, ovens and espresso machines as well as the products needed to deal with the results once the passengers have consumed - the compactors and the toilets. Aerolux chief engineer Eddie Robinson says the compact products the company sells not only add that extra bit of style to the executive-class service, they also pay for themselves very quickly. Says Robinson: "Waste compactors allow airline operators a faster turnaround between flights and they create extra space in galleys - making way for the luxuries that business customers have come to expect."

Aerolux's biggest customer is British Airways but it also has a good presence in the Middle and Far East supplying both Emirates and Malaysian Airlines. The latter has the espresso machine featured on the stand at B211.

Source: Flight Daily News