Even the best engine in the world is worse than useless if it can't be maintained simply and cost-effectively... and this is one good reason why Eurojet is demonstrating the maintainability of the EJ200, powerplant for Eurofighter, on its stand in Hall 4.

The four-nation engine consortium has organised a daily series of demonstrations of the engine's maintainability, undertaken by industry and air force personnel, throughout the show at Le Bourget.

Support technicians from each of the four nations' air forces are getting an early taste of EJ200 line maintenance, working in partnership with their industry counterparts from Rolls-Royce, MTU, FiatAvio and ITP. They are using a complete EJ200 mounted in its engine bay - one of the main features on the Eurojet stand.


Eurojet managing director Ken Greenall says: "The intention of the demonstrations is to prove the careful design of externally mounted features that ensure the EJ200 will be quickly and simply maintained by squadron and second-line service engineers.

"The multinational groups of support engineers we've assembled from Germany, Italy and Spain and the UK will each day show how easy it is to remove and replace line replaceable units in exercises that can take as little as five minutes.

"They will handle everything from exhaust nozzle petals, filters and igniters, through to larger, more fundamental components such as the digital engine control and afterburner fuel control units."

Also on display on the stand is a full-sized working demonstration of a thrust-vectoring nozzle for future applications of the EJ200.

Source: Flight Daily News