DENEB SOLUTIONS HAS launched an "immersive" virtual-reality software systems designed for manufacturing and engineering simulations.

The UK Company's Telegrip system provides a three-dimensional view in which imaginary objects appear to behave realistically, according to their expected physical dimensions and properties. This means that jointed mechanisms, robots, machines - and even humans - can be modeled with a high degree of accuracy. Similarly, moving objects in the simulation appear to obey the laws of friction, inertia and gravity.

The Telegrip can be run on anything from a desktop workstation to a multi-pipeline computer platform. It is also possible to use a head-mounted display with full texture capabilities, which effectively allows the designer to step into the design and walk around.

In one of its first applications, the Telegrip was used to give the US Navy a proof-of-concept demonstration for a new nuclear-attack submarine.

The system was able to create a "dynamic" imaginary environment, allowing designers to develop the submarine using the three-dimensional simulation.

Source: Flight International