Paris's reputation as one of the world's art capitals has influenced South African Denel's presentation (Hall 5/F15).

Denel asked Rina Bondesio, a graphic artist at its MediaMakers business unit, to splash its missiles and display helmets with some creative colour using the latest computer software.

Explains Denel Group communications manager George Masoek: "As a true artist, Rina Bondesio managed to turn helicopter missiles and high-tech aviation products into colourful paintings. She skilfully utilised the computer as her paintbrush."

The aviation industry might not be immediately associated with artistic sensibility but it is known for its innovation and creativity. "How else does one explain the dashing new designs in both commercial and military aircraft, in fixed wing and helicopter?" Masoek.

Rather than show the actual items, Denel has chosen to exhibit the vivid visuals created from the photographs of the products.

The results will appeal equally to the art connoisseur and the technically literate engineer. A very limited number will be available at the stand.

Source: Flight Daily News