Sweden's capital airport, Stockholm Arlanda, has closed one of its runways after an Iranian aircraft veered off during departure.

The Iran Air Airbus A300 came to a halt around 100m off the runway surface.

Arlanda's operator states that the aircraft appears undamaged following the incident which occurred "at lunchtime".

Iran Air's timetable shows it is scheduled to operate a service from Stockholm to Tehran, flight IR762, departing at 12:15.

"The aircraft, which is parked in the snow alongside the runway, is in good condition," says the airport operator. "No-one on board is reported to be injured."

It says it has closed 'Runway 1' which is the designation it uses for runway 01L/19R, and a NOTAM issued for the airport confirms the decision.

The aircraft reportedly left the runway at low speed shortly after beginning its take-off roll. It is said to have been carrying 149 passengers.

Meteorological data for Arlanda at the time of the incident indicates the presence of light snow.

Passengers have been returned to the terminal building, says the airport operator.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news