PA1 - Ground tiedown vehicle first ran in August 1998 and completed 200h of static running in July 1999 to qualify the drive system. Since converted to a maintenance trainer.

PA2 - First CT7-6D-powered flight test vehicle flew in December 1998 and has since completed 174h. Used for auto flight control/handling qualities development and will soon be fitted with new modified empennage.

PA3 - First CT7-8 and auxiliary power unit-equipped test machine flown in October 1999. Completed 150h. Fuselage to be stretched by the end of the year and new Collins avionics installed in early 2001.

PA4 - Planned avionics test helicopter, this will be the last to fly in early 2001.

PA5 - Performance and structural loads test vehicle due to fly later this year once its fuselage has been stretched. Collins cockpit to be retrofitted in mid-2001.

Source: Flight International